Davante Adams Sounds Frustrated With Packers Doctors (UPDATE)

Brian Giuffra
Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers
Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers / Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Davante Adams went on Twitter this morning to make two announcements.

1. He will miss the Packers game against the Falcons in Week 4 because of his hamstring injury.

2. He isn't happy with the people who made the decision and doesn't agree with them at all.

He later deleted the tweet, but here's a screenshot of what he said.

When you make statements like this on Twitter, sometimes the meaning doesn't come through. Adams left no doubt with this sarcastic post. He's pissed off that the medical people aren't letting him play.

Adams injured his hamstring in the Packers' Week 2 game against the Lions and missed Week 3, too. With a longer week heading into their MNF game against the Falcons tonight, there was hope Adams would be able to suit up. He seemingly lobbied for himself to play based on this tweet, but his cries fell on deaf ears. The Packers will now be without their top two wideouts with Allen Lazard also out.

Sometimes athletes need to be protected from themselves. Their competitive nature and total belief in their body's ability to handle anything makes them overly optimistic about not re-injuring themselves. Hamstrings are tricky, however, and with the Packers getting a bye week after their game against the Falcons, it appears the medical staff is taking things slow with Adams. Even though he doesn't agree.