Davante Adams Does Not Think Highly of Chris Simms' Top 10 WR List

Liam McKeone
Davante Adams
Davante Adams / Harry How/Getty Images

Chris Simms has been putting out positional rankings over at NBC Sports all offseason. He ranked every quarterback in the NFL heading into 2020, revealing a puzzling dedication to besmirching Tua Tagovailoa. On Monday night, Simms released his top-10 NFL wide receiver rankings going into next year, and Davante Adams was not here for it one bit.

Since I am, in fact, giving Simms the attention he seeks, is Davante Adams my boss now? Someone let him know so he can get in our Slack channel and enjoy the riveting discourse you know we here at The Big Lead are constantly engaged in.

Anyway, this list is terrible. Tyreek Hill might be the biggest threat to take it to the house at any moment, but he's not the best all-around wideout by any means. Chris Godwin had 60 fewer receiving yards than Julio Jones last year and is nowhere to be found. A.J. Green literally didn't play last year and will be starting a new relationship with a rookie quarterback in 2020. Courtland Sutton is quite talented but I can name at least four receivers off the dome who are more deserving of a top-10 slot (Adams, Godwin, Kenny Golladay, Keenan Allen).

Attention given. Mission accomplished. Can I get that bonus, Davante?