Daryl Morey Calls Howard Eskin 'Trent Crimm' During Season-Ending Press Conference

Daryl Morey
Daryl Morey /

Daryl Morey met with media today to discuss all sorts of things. There's the head coaching search now underway after the dismissal of Doc Rivers. There is James Harden's impending free agency. And, of course, there is the disappointing end to the Philadelphia 76ers' season at the hands of the Boston Celtics.

Morey hit on all the important topics but still had time to make a crack at the expense of Howard Eskin, known Philadephia radio voice and a man whose body of work suggests he tends to favor a negative slant in his coverage. That's why Morey called him Trent Crimm, the Ted Lasso reporter won over by the Jason Sudeikis charm in Season 1.

Either Morey hasn't caught up yet or he's choosing to ignore Crimm's character development for the sake of the joke because Crimm has actually (and quite unexpectedly) turned into a delightful presence amongst the Diamond Dogs.

Either way, Morey is a mad man for mixing sports and pop culture in such a way. How dare he?!