Darts Player Missing Remote Competition Because His WiFi Sucks

Gary Anderson needs a signal boost.
Gary Anderson needs a signal boost. / Lewis Storey/Getty Images

A shipwrecked person will resort to unconventional sources to find sustenance. Desperate times tend to dictate desperate measures.

Watching a work-from-home darts event would qualify as dire sports straights for most people, but there's no reason to be proud right now. Put it on television and people will watch. So it is with great disappointment that we read today that Gary Anderson is pulling out of a PDC Home Tour event because his internet connection is unreliable.

“I was up for it but when we did tests of my WiFi, it’s just not reliable enough," the 49-year-old Scot said. “It doesn’t surprise me. I struggle to pay bills online in my house, it’s really frustrating."

It's the latest setback for Anderson, who missed most of last year with an elbow injury, but you already knew that.

There are currently 128 competitors slated to participate in the event. Just playing the averages, at least one of them will struggle with unexpected lag issues. Such is trying to MacGuyver sports in the face of historic challenges.

Not to tell Anderson his business, but it seems like this is the exact type of cause the public would rally around via crowdfunding to ensure a better modem situation.