Darnell Dockett Hopes Arizona Drafts AJ McCarron So He'll Share Katherine Webb

Ryan Glasspiegel

AJ McCarron went on DLHQ yesterday. After re-hashing the story about when he stood up to Nick Saban as a freshman, and discussing the Nicktator’s basketball game tendencies, the conversation steered towards McCarron’s fiancé Katherine Webb.

Le Batard asked the former Alabama quarterback what it would be like if he were drafted by the Arizona Cardinals and became teammates with Darnell Dockett, who famously lusted after Webb on Twitter last year. “We’re two grown men,” McCarron said. “So hopefully we’d both have respect for each other if we’re on the same team. But, I don’t know what happens in that situation.”

Dockett responded in-kind:


Update: Dockett and McCarron buried the hatchet afterwards.

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