Darko Rajakovic Flipped Out About Refs In Press Conference After Raptors Loss to Lakers


The Toronto Raptors fell to the Los Angeles Lakers 132-131 on Tuesday night and their head coach wasn't happy about it. Darko Rajakovic railed on the officials in his postgame press conference for some suspect calls in the fourth quarter. He might have had a point.

Rajakovic was most angry about the free throw disparity between the two teams. The Lakers shot 23 in the fourth quarter and the Raptors only went to the line twice. For the game, the Lakers were 28-of-36 from the charity stripe, the Raptors were 8-of-13.

Here's video of what he had to say:

OK, I was with him until he said Scottie Barnes is going to be the face of the NBA. That said, yeah, that free throw disparity is pretty crazy and we all know star players get special treatment. While the Raptors have some good players, no one is on the level of LeBron James or Anthony Davis. That doesn't make the disparity right, it's just the reality of the situation.

I'd expect Rajakovic to receive a fairly hefty fine from the league this week. At least he got his money's worth with an epic rant.