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Darius Rucker Just Hanging Out at Trevor Lawrence's NFL Draft Party

Stephen Douglas
Darius Rucker in the background of the NFL Draft.
Darius Rucker in the background of the NFL Draft. /

Trevor Lawrence was taken first overall by the Jacksonville Jaguars in the 2021 NFL Draft. The selection was nothing but a formality as Lawrence had been the obvious top pick for months, but there was at least one surprise when the pick was announced: Darius Rucker was at Lawrence's house on draft night.

While Lawrence attended Clemson, Rucker is a Gamecock, so it's unclear what the connection is. Especially since Lawrence was born in Tennessee and went to high school in Georgia. Maybe Rucker just visits all the top SEC draft picks every year and we've never noticed him.

Or maybe Rucker is doing some research for a new song. We know the Dolphins make him cry. What emotional response does he have during Jaguars games? We will monitor the situation.