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Earthquake Interrupts Podcast, Daniel Cormier Powers Through

Kyle Koster

A 5.1-magnitude earthquake with an epicenter in the hills outside San Jose hit just before noon PT today, which happened to be right in the middle of Daniel Cormier and Ryan Clark filming DC & RC. And the geological event did not go unnoticed as Cormier ejected from a point to break the news to his co-host.

"There's an actual earthquake going on right now," he said. "My whole office is shaking."

Cormier quickly and accurately assessed the minimal threat level and continued on because he's a pro's pro. He also missed out on an opportunity to channel Al Michaels in the 1989 World Series and turn his microphone off after saying "I'll tell you what, we're having an e---" before muting his microphone.

Maybe next time.