Dani Alves Pelted with Banana, Picks It Up and Eats It


Some idiot at today’s Villarreal-Barcelona match decided to toss a banana in the direction of Dani Alves as the Brazilian right back lined up to take a corner kick at El Madrigal. Alves’ response was simple and effective: he picked up the banana and took a bite. Hell, Alves doesn’t even break his stride.

Spanish soccer has a notorious history with openly racist behavior popping up at matches. Former Barcelona star Samuel Eto’o almost walked off during a match in 2006, as one example. At Euro 2012 Italian striker Mario Balotelli accused Spanish fans of making “monkey noises” during a group stage match.

Alves says he was the target of racial abuse as recently as this month’s Cope Del Rey final.

Barcelona won the match 3-2, its first since the death of former coach and beloved figure at the club Tito Vilanova.

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