VIDEO: D'Angelo Russell Ejected for Going After Official

Ryan Phillips
D'Angelo Rusell
D'Angelo Rusell / Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

D'Angelo Russell is not having the best start to the new phase of his career with the Golden State Warriors. In his second game with the team, he got ejected for going off on an official as the Warriors were getting blown out by the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The ejection came with 7:13 left in the third quarter with the Warriors trailing 81-47. Russell drove in an made a layup, but thought he was fouled. He got in an official's face and got whistled for a technical foul. He kept at it though, following the referee across the court and yelling. He promptly got a second tech and was ejected.

Check it out:

Yes, that was a foul and it should have been called. But Russell should have taken the first technical and walked away. He made his point, continuing was foolish.

The Warriors clearly stink right now and they need as much time on the court together as possible right now, so getting ejected hurts the team in a number of ways.