Dana White Crushes Bob Arum Over Top Rank Boxing's Poor Ratings

Stephen Douglas
Dana White press conference.
Dana White press conference. / Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

The UFC held its third event in two weeks at the UFC APEX Center in Las Vegas. The company will hold two more events there this month before heading to Abu Dhabi for the month of July. While other sports leagues are still trying to restart, the UFC took six weeks off, embraced bubble situations and is rolling again. After last night's fights, Dana White took stock of the UFC's current standing at ESPN.

White noted that when the UFC started its current deal with the World Wide Leader it was on the level of cornhole. A year and a half later, White feels the UFC has moved up in the standings when compared to other sports like the NFL, MLB and NBA. While the lack of every other sport may have something to do with that recent rise, White was still happy to point out that Top Rank Boxing, headed by Bob Arum, has now dropped down to cornhole's level.

Oh, and by the way, he added, "Good job, Bob. You're f--king brilliant. You d-ckhead."

This should serve as a pretty good reminder that Dana White and the UFC do not operate on the same plane as other sports. Imagine Rob Manfred calling Adam Silver a d--khead because the NBA had poor ratings. That wouldn't end well.