Dana Carvey's Joe Biden Impression is Excellent

Dana Carvey on "The Tonight Show with Stephen Colbert"
Dana Carvey on "The Tonight Show with Stephen Colbert" /

Dana Carvey has long been one of the world's great impressionists, so it should surprise no one that he has an excellent take on the nation's 46th president. Carvey was on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Tuesday night and unveiled his impression of Joe Biden. It was hilarious.

Colbert could barely keep it together while Carvey continued with his impression for a solid two minutes. Check it out below:

Carvey just nailed that. It's so good and there are a number of little things he got exactly right.

Carvey has long said his impressions are good because he drills down to one or two things about his subject then exaggerates those things. His impression of George H. W. Bush from his Saturday Night Livei days is arguably his most famous and it's clearly a caricature. Even Bush himself enjoyed it and the two eventually became friends.

So far, Carvey's version of Biden is the best I've seen. Jim Carrey did his best on SNL but it just didn't work. Maybe Lorne Michaels will call in Carvey to help the current cast out.