Dana Altman Calls Out Oregon Fans For Poor Attendance in NIT Loss to Wisconsin

Dana Altman
Dana Altman / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

Last night, Oregon's season came to an end at the hands of Wisconsin in the NIT. It was a tightly-contested affair between the No. 1 and No. 3 overall seeds but the Badgers made their free throws when it mattered and forced a Ducks' miss at the buzzer to emerge victorious. After the game, Oregon coach Dana Altman was not pleased with the lack of support his team received.

Here are his comments to the media about the Oregon turnout.

Matters were not aided by the fandom being represented by this guy, who incorrectly spelled "overrated."

Such are the pitfalls of working at a big sports school, though. Students are so accustomed to success at the highest level that showing out in force at the National Invitational Tournament does not appeal to the larger segment of the population. It is obviously lame but the school finds itself a victim of its own success at times like this.

Altman daring Oregon to fire him and saying he'll be fine coaching junior college guys because they're "dogs" is what will stick out to administration. That's the spicy stuff.