Dan Wetzel Talks Chargers-to-LA, UFC Lawsuit, Ronda Rousey, and His Triumph Over Marriott

By Brian Alexander Giuffra

The estimable Yahoo Sports columnist Dan Wetzel joins the podcast this week. We discussed:

  • The Chargers moving to Los Angeles has all the appearances of an unmitigated disaster. What could possibly be Dean Spanos’s justification?
  • Has he ever seen a quarterback dominate like Aaron Rodgers when he gets in the zone?
  • Does Mark Hunt’s lawsuit against Brock Lesnar, UFC, and Dana White have merit?
  • More likely to happen next: Ronda Rousey appears in WWE or UFC.

Finally, we talked about all the events and stories that Wetzel travels for, who he meets, and how his screed against Marriott getting rid of desks in a misguided attempt to cater to Millennials succeeded.

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