Dan Shaughnessy Fired Back At David Ortiz, Defended His Hair

By Ty Duffy

David Ortiz took a shot at Dan Shaughnessy, terming him “the reporter with the red jheri curl.” Shaughnessy fired back in the Boston Globe.

Shaughnessy remembers the 2013 “altercation” differently.

"Actually, that’s not how it went down. You gave thoughtful answers to hard questions. When the interview was over, I thanked you and you asked me about me being “banned at Fenway.’’ (The Terry Francona book, which I co-authored, was on the bestseller list, but was not a party-starter with Sox ownership). We had a laugh about it and you took a selfie with me. Then you texted it to someone we both know. When you quickly got a text back from that individual, you came back across the clubhouse to share the response. I did not think you wanted to kill me. And I would not violate the trust of that private moment if not for your missive in the Players Tribune. One of us must be misremembering."

Shaughnessy asserts Ortiz never asked for his address to mail the test results and could not have mailed the test results. They aren’t sent unless they are positive. He points out Ortiz, contrary to his claim, was informed about the positive test in 2004 and admitted that in August 2009.

The Globe Columnist also defended his hair, affirming it is “naturally curly,’ “a gift from his parents,” and neither permed nor red.