Dan Shaughnessy Calls Bill Simmons A 'Cowardly Guy'

Ryan Phillips

Dan Shaughnessy went all-in on his dislike of Bill Simmons on Wednesday. During an appearance with Zolak & Bertrand on 98.5 The Sports Hub, the Boston Globe columnist called Simmons a “cowardly guy” and blamed him for producing a generation of lazy reporters.

Check it out:

This would be a perfect spot for the “old man yells at cloud” meme to pop up.

Shaughnessy claims reporters these days just want to sit at home, watch TV and give their opinions. Well, I mean, those aren’t really reporters then are they Dan? Those would be columnists or bloggers. And even a significant portion of them go to games.

Look, I’m no huge Simmons fan, but calling him a “cowardly guy” is a bit strong. Also, who is looking at Bill Simmons as a journalist? He’s an opinion guy, not a reporter and he never has been.