Dan Plesac Caught Swearing About Reggie Jackson on 'MLB Tonight'

MLB Tonight Crew
MLB Tonight Crew /

Last night brought a host of fun baseball highlights but perhaps none better than what MLB Network accidentally gave their viewers.

Dan Plesac, Greg Amsinger, and Tom Verducci were on set of MLB Tonight shooting the bull, as they are wont to. The show began to transition to a highlights package while Plesac started to talk about his playing days and how Reggie Jackson was one of those guys that reminded Plesac he was really in the big leagues.

Amsinger then assured Plesac they were off-air. The three analysts collectively laughed in anticipation of the story Plesac was about to tell, and he delivered.

"F---ing Reggie" is definitely something that went through the mind of many a pitcher during his playing days. Although, in Plesac's case, it was out of admiration and disbelief more than anything.

Plesac laughed about it later that night and appeared to reference it in a tweet about the Mariners.

And then again this morning!

Good stuff all around. Just baseball guys being baseball dudes.