Dan Patrick Show Remaining on Fox Sports Radio; Rich Eisen Show Will Not

Dan Patrick and Rich Eisen during Super Bowl LIV week in Miami
Dan Patrick and Rich Eisen during Super Bowl LIV week in Miami /

The Dan Patrick Show announced this morning that, in addition to running live on YouTube, the program will remain airing on Fox Sports Radio in conjunction with Premiere Networks and iHeartRadio. The Big Lead has learned from a source with knowledge of the news that the Rich Eisen Show will not remain with the networks. A spokesperson for Premiere declined to comment.

Dan Patrick and Rich Eisen were in similar situations where their shows originated via AT&T's DirecTV, which announced that it is repurposing the Audience Network to be a promotional vehicle for HBO Max, the streaming service the company is launching in May.

While Patrick struck a deal for his popular show to remain where it is on the terrestrial radio side of things, Eisen is looking for a new home. His show concluded on Audience Network last week, and will be finished on radio on April 7th. It is unclear at this time whether the next audio home for his show will be on radio or via podcast.

It is expected that many Fox Sports Radio affiliates that carry the Rich Eisen Show will transition to The Herd with Colin Cowherd, which airs at the same time on weekdays from noon to 3pm ET.