Dan Patrick Pressured Phil Mickelson Into Showing Him Some Leg

Stephen Douglas
Dan Patrick and Phil Mickelson's leg.
Dan Patrick and Phil Mickelson's leg. /

Phil Mickelson appeared on The Dan Patrick Show on Wednesday morning. Mickelson talked about the success of The Match and the possibilities of doing something similar in the future. According to the LA Times, Mickelson is open to making The Match an annual event and the ratings say it definitely will be. A lot of interesting stuff there, but the real reason that Patrick had Phil on was to ogle his calves.

Phil tried to resist, but Patrick wouldn't let him go without seeing his legs, free from the restriction of full length pants. Patrick was delighted when Phil finally gave him what he wanted and he wasn't alone.

Poor Phil. Someone remind the cast and crew of the Dan Patrick Show that his eyes are up here.