Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann Laugh About Especially Bad Christmas Gift ESPN Gave Employees

Kyle Koster

Keith Olbermann joined Dan Patrick on the radio for the first time since, like, Barack Obama's first term this morning to weigh in on the probability we get a World Series this year. And if you'd rather not hear that dire prediction, you can focus on the time the duo spent reminiscing about their old ESPN days.

Turns out that the former Big Show cohorts spawned the This Is SportsCenter commercial campaign, a brilliant idea that has resulted in a net figure of zero dollars for both of them combined. And that one year the company decided to gift its employees a VHS copy of Chris Berman calling Cal Ripken Jr.'s 2,131st consecutive game.

Now, we can all agree that this was a lackluster present at the time. But imagine giving someone that bit of history now. Enough time has passed that it would simultaneously hilarious and educational. Hell, people are so desperate for sports now they might actually appreciate it.

Every day that passes without Olbermann and Patrick having a two-hour-long podcast recalling state secrets from years gone by is another wasted.