Dan Patrick: Jay-Z 'Pressured' Roger Goodell to Schedule Colin Kaepernick Workout

Ryan Glasspiegel
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

This Colin Kaepernick workout situation has been haphazard and it's hard to know exactly what to make from it. Beyond that, where did it come from? Dan Patrick has a source who believes Jay-Z was behind the decision for the NFL to grant him this workout:

Patrick said: "According to my source, Jay-Z said that he took a reputational bullet for the Commissioner when they had that press conference [with] his new role in the NFL. Social agenda. Social injustice. He was gonna help with the entertainment for halftime. All of this. My source said that Jay-Z was pressuring the Commissioner to do the right thing and have this workout for Colin Kaepernick."

Whether or not this is accurate that Jay-Z was the biggest reason for this workout, it's accurate that the hip-hop mogul did take a hit for his relationship with the Shield. Jay-Z was very publicly ripped by Kaepernick's former teammate Eric Reid, as well as by his girlfriend Nessa.

Whatever the case may be about how this event wound up happening, we now await to see if he will wind up employed by an NFL team as a result of it.