VIDEO: Dan Patrick Learns He's a Hall of Famer While On Air

Kyle Koster

Sports radio hosts who have been at their craft for awhile are essentially numb to callers phoning in with bad ideas, opinions, or personal criticism. In fact, getting a call that adds value can be difficult. Or so I've read.

Dan Patrick did what they teach you not to do on this morning's program: accept a call from someone without knowing what they were going to say. Fortunately, it wasn't someone who wanted to pitch the Bengals playing Joe Burrow on offense and defense or argue Dabo Swinney couldn't win in the Big Ten or any number of potential trainwrecks.

It was a guy (fancy-title-havin' Dave Goren) who wanted to inform Patrick that he'd be selected into the National Sports Media Hall of Fame.

You can read about that prestigious and hallowed hall here. It is a place I will probably not find myself late in my career. Oh well.

Patrick was appreciative for the honor but then peeled back the curtain a bit discussing his struggle with winning awards because they meant he'd earned them while being away from his family, and it still beats him up a bit.

The lesson? Never work hard. Awards are overrated.

Don't let anyone tell you the lack of baubles is due to a talent deficiency. It's just your steadfast commitment to put family first.