Dan Patrick Fires Back at Colin Cowherd: "Leave ESPN. Get out and do what I do"

Ryan Glasspiegel

Dan Patrick responded to Colin Cowherd’s comments about his work ethic yesterday. This is a partial transcript:

I don’t have 35 producers. I don’t work at the Worldwide Leader. I do have two producers here who did work on Colin’s show, and the one thing that I do is I give credit to my producers on the air. It’s not a one-man show. All the people behind the scenes who help out on Colin’s show — they don’t get any recognition. […]

Colin should understand two people who worked with me on SportsCenter and are in management at ESPN actually emailed me yesterday to apologize, saying they were embarrassed that Colin would bring up something like that. […] If you’re criticizing me because of the Rob Gronkowski moment on the podium, you have every right to do it. Guilty as charged. I criticized myself. But you know what Colin, I’m good enough to be able to make a mistake in front of 100 million people. Are you?

We don’t have ESPN muscles. I had them for 18 years. Leave ESPN. Get out and do what I do. Try it. Try a radio network, maybe a simulcast, maybe a column for Sports Illustrated. Host the Olympics, Football Night in America, and Sports Jeopardy. Try that, and then we can discuss work ethic.

Patrick went on to say that Cowherd told him he cut his radio show from four hours to three because he’d been working too hard. It’s safe to say Patrick and Cowherd won’t be exchanging Christmas cards this year.