Dan Patrick Discusses Sports Broadcasting School, ESPN, Bucket List Interviews

Ryan Glasspiegel

Dan Patrick joins the podcast this week! Full Sail University is launching the Dan Patrick School of Sports Broadcasting in early 2018. In this podcast, we discussed:

  • Dan’s elevator pitch for prospective students, some of the current and former sports media personalities and executives who will be contributing to the endeavor, and whether in the ‘pivot to video’ era broadcasting school will be attractive to students who may have previously gone to journalism school.
  • Is there anything that ESPN could do at 6pm, where Dan once hosted SportsCenter, that would succeed? What does he think about the Greeny/Beadle show prospects?
  • The urban legend — which he confirms! — that he once told former ESPN President Steve Bornstein, “Could you do my job? I could do yours.”
  • The interview he’d most like to do, and whether his status as someone who has been a big star for 20+ years is something that helps him get celebrities to open up.
  • How to find your broadcasting voice.

Hope you enjoy!