Dan Patrick: Big Ten Football By Thanksgiving is a 'Very Long Shot'

Randy Wade
Parents of Big Ten Football Players Protest Conference Decision to Postpone Football Season | Quinn Harris/Getty Images

Dan Patrick's Big Ten source has again reached out to the radio host, calling the possibility of a Thanksgiving start for the conference's football season a "very long shot." According to a text message Dan Patrick appeared to be reading, there is more support for an eight game season starting in late January.

They are preparing for players to opt out and will adjust the number of padded practices in the fall season. So that would be a lot of football in a condensed window. Plus it will be worse because of the amount of practice. And some top players will opt out. Sounds fun.

The one part of this I have to disagree with is that the Big Ten missed their opportunity to play football in the fall. This is just wrong. Student athletes are still on campus even if they aren't attending classes in person. The time is now. It's going to be the first Saturday of September this coming Saturday. There is no reason there shouldn't be Big Ten football games this Saturday.