Dan Patrick: Astros Apologies Only Made Things Worse

Ryan Phillips
Dan Patrick discusses the Houston Astros on his radio show
Dan Patrick discusses the Houston Astros on his radio show /

The Houston Astros caused a serious uproar with their half-hearted apology press conference on Thursday. While we've heard from a ton of folks giving their reaction to it, Dan Patrick weighed in on his show Friday. He thinks Houston only made things worse.

Check this out:

Patrick is right, the Astros botched this as badly as they could have. Owner Jim Crane was an absolute disaster with a microphone in front of his face, while Jose Altuve and Alex Bregman seemed annoyed to be there.

Meanwhile, there's the question about players potentially using buzzers. No one outright denied that they used them, they just claimed Major League Baseball didn't find any evidence of it.

The Astros had weeks to prepare for this moment and everyone looked like they had no idea what they were doing or what questions to expect. It was horrible.

In the end, Patrick is right, this isn't going away any time soon and Houston only made things worse with that press conference.