Dan Patrick and Stugotz Escalate WWE-Style Beef, DP References Le Batard Show SiriusXM Talks


A playful beef between the Dan Patrick Show and Dan Le Batard Show With Stugotz began on Thursday when Stugotz made fun of the competition having Jerry Ferrara — Turtle from Entourage — on to talk sports when Entourage has been off television since 2011. Stugotz blamed the bookers, quipping that Seton needed to save fellow Danette Paul Pabst from himself.

Today, Dan Patrick called in and the two shows aired a simulcastedsegment that included himself and Stugotz trading barbs. There was going to be a basketball game between the shows, Le Batard proposed Patrick vs. Stugotz one-on-one, and Patrick joked that Stugotz wasn’t on the level to play him and would have to get through Skip Bayless first. Patrick dropped a sidekick line on Stugotz, Stugotz countered about being on a show a “real network”, and Patrick responded, “Wait, I thought you guys were going to SiriusXM!”

This was a reference to The Big Lead’s report that Le Batard has had talks about the possibility of joining satellite radio when his contract expires this summer.

Le Batard has been resolute that a sticking point is that he does the show he wants to do, which does not involve meat-and-potatoes sports talk. The NCAA Tournament is happening this week, the NFL Draft is coming up with a bunch of interesting quarterbacks, and Le Batard frankly doesn’t care so he’s not going to talk about it much if at all.

If ESPN doesn’t like that, or doesn’t like Le Batard going too close to the third rail of the type of talk the NFL would prefer he shy away from, then they have a decision to make. Nevertheless, the indications I received in my reporting are that the content powers that be at ESPN enjoy the show and intend to renew it. Whatever happens, it’ll be interesting to observe.

Here’s what today’s segment looked like on the DP Show end: