Dan Orlovsky's Red Wine Take Is His Worst Yet

Ryan Phillips
Dan Orlovsky on NFL Live
Dan Orlovsky on NFL Live /

Dan Orlovsky is an excellent NFL analyst and a key part of ESPN's football coverage. His video breakdowns and football takes are top notch. His food opinions, though, leave much to be desired. While he's had bad takes in the past, what he said about red wine on Friday is by far the worst.

Just before most Americans were about to kick off their weekends, Orlovsky fired up the ol' Twitter machine and released a take so hot I can actually feel it coming through the screen. Here's what he had to say:

Breaking news: the countries of Italy and France have permanently banned Dan Orlovsky from entry. More on this story as it develops.

Ice cubes, Dan? Ice cubes!

Now, for anyone who knows anything about wine, you absolutely do not chill red wine and you certainly don't put ice in it. Ice dilutes and waters down the composition of everything it comes into contact with. If you're drinking an enjoyable wine you want absolutely nothing to dilute the taste.

I'm sorry but this is maybe the worst take I've seen on Twitter and trust me when I say I've seen them all over the last eight years.