Dan Orlovsky Says 'We Haven't Seen It' From Patrick Mahomes, Days After We All Watched the AFC Championship

Stephen Douglas
AFC Championship - Tennessee Titans v Kansas City Chiefs
AFC Championship - Tennessee Titans v Kansas City Chiefs / David Eulitt/Getty Images

The Get Up crew was on edge this morning. Dan Orlovsky and Marcus Spears couldn't agree on how confident they were in Jimmy Garoppolo to a percentage point, which annoyed Mike Greenberg. While debating the pros and cons of Jimmy G, Spears asked if he had ever "done it" against the Chiefs and Mahomes. This prompted Orlovsky to lash out with an absurd take.

"We don't know if Patrick Mahomes can do it either. We haven't seen it!"

He said this less than 48 hours after Mahomes threw for 294 yards, three touchdowns and zero interceptions and ran for 53 yards and another touchdown in the AFC Championship. This was a week after he threw for 321 yards, five touchdowns and zero interceptions in another comeback win in the playoffs. This was his defense of Garoppolo throwing the ball eight times in a full game. And he said it moments after saying Mahomes was the best quarterback ever?

Mahomes' worst playoff game was his first. Last year in the divisional round he threw for 278 yards and zero touchdowns. He threw zero picks, fumbled once, scored a rushing touchdown and his team won. This was his worst game. And it was in his first season as a starter. A week later he threw for 295 yards and three touchdowns in the AFC Championship and lost to Tom Brady.

Mahomes has been an unbelievable playoff performer. To suggest we "haven't seen it" is to suggest that we haven't watched any of his playoff games.