Dan Orlovsky Says the Packers Are a Championship Roster, But Not a Championship Team

Aaron Rodgers at the American Century Championship.
Aaron Rodgers at the American Century Championship. / Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Aaron Rodgers has officially shown up for Green Bay Packers training camp. With him comes the expectations of another successful season. With Rodgers the Packers have been to two consecutive NFC Championships, as well as four of the last seven. In Rodgers' [(again) (supposed)] final season in Green Bay, can he take them to the Super Bowl? And if they get there, can they win? According to Dan Orlovsky, no.

Orlovsky says that while the Packers have a championship roster, they do not have a championship team. Considering only one team wins each season, you have to wonder how many teams you can say that about in any given year.

Orlovsky believes that the Aaron Rodgers situation will be too big a distraction and ruin team camaraderie. You have to wonder if the Packers considered this and thought an unpopular(?) Rodgers was still better in 2021 than Jordan Love. They probably did. Which means the Packers are better than they would have been without Rodgers, but not as good as they would have been if Rodgers had just been a loyal, quiet employee.

Now Rodgers and the Packers may begin the whole dance again. Will he leave? Where will he go? How is it affecting his teammates? If Green Bay is one of the 31 teams to not win the Super Bowl, Orlovsky nailed it.