Dan Orlovsky Celebrates Festivus By Throwing Anti-Carson Wentz Hot Takes in a 'Body Bag'

Stephen Douglas
Dan Orlovsky can't spell "reckless."
Dan Orlovsky can't spell "reckless." /

People forget, but ESPN's Dan Orlovsky celebrates Festivus. On Get Up! this morning, Orlovsky shared his family tradition with America, asking Rex Ryan to hold a giant garbage bag so he could throw metaphorical bodies and literal pieces of paper into it as part of an airing of grievances.

Ryan and Mike Greenberg had a ton of fun watching Orlovsky point out all the people who were wrong about Carson Wentz, whose team scored a whopping 17 points against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday. The Cowboys, as a reminder, are the team with one win over opponents who have a .500 or better record this season.

Orlovsky calls out Pat McAfee, Emmanuel Acho, Marcus Spears, Max Kellerman, Will Cain, and Cowboys fans. He also misspells "reckless" as "wreckless." It's just a tour de force from start to finish.