Dan Orlovsky Breaks Down Film of Stephen A. Smith Debating

Liam McKeone
'First Take'
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Dan Orlovsky's biggest draw as an ESPN analyst is his ability to break down film. All former quarterbacks have extensive experience with grinding tape, but Orlovsky has leveraged that familiarity into his own little niche of NFL coverage with the network because he can break down what the audience is seeing quickly and simply. It's a difficult balance to strike, but it makes for informative and entertaining television when done right.

Orlovsky applied that skill today for laughs. He appeared on First Take and the crew rolled a segment of the former signal-caller breaking down Stephen A. Smith's debating style. Orlovsky zeroed in on Smith's feet like he would in a breakdown of Josh Allen and made a few laugh-out-loud cracks about his ESPN coworker's choice of attire. It is extremely easy to imagine Orlovsky doing this to himself when he was just breaking into the television game.

Orlovsky's quip about ordering a steak really got me and made for the perfect screengrab you can see above. Smith looks as shocked as he did when Deandre Ayton slammed home a game-winning alley-oop in the playoffs this year.

If the new First Take arrangement includes some more of this ribbing between ESPN employees, sign me up.