Dan Marino: I Could Throw for 6,000 Yards and 60 Touchdowns in Today's NFL

Kyle Koster

Dan Marino hopped on First Things First yesterday and the inevitable question came up. How would the Hall of Famer fare in today's wide-open, offense-friendly game? The obvious answer is even better than he did when he was dominating in the 80s and 90s.

And Marino, smartly understanding that it's impossible for him to put his right arm where his mouth is, threw out some gaudy numbers.

60 touchdowns and 6,000 yards would certainly be a good season. On first blush those numbers seem impossible. But you know what? If any quarterback is capable of such a feat, it is Marino.

Look at the numbers he put up without the blessing of an elite receiving corps and an offense unaware of the coming aerial revolution. In his first full year of starting (1984) Marino threw for 5,064 yards and 48 touchdowns. That's an average of 9.0 yards per attempt. In Peyton Manning's record-setting 55-touchdown campaign, he threw 105 more passes than Marino did. Applying Marino's rates, that puts him at 6,009 yards and 57 scores.

Sadly, modern medicine is not at a place where 58-year-old Marino can get back on the field and put up video game numbers, so we'll have to settle for the what-if.