Dan Majerle Caught a Ground-Rule Double in the Funniest Possible Way: This Day in Sports History

Kyle Koster
Lance King/Getty Images

Dan Majerle is a favored son here in Mid-Michigan thanks to exceptional play at CMU. He went on to have a long and productive NBA career and won an Olympic medal. His game would have been even more valued now with the open-mouthed kiss the league has given to three-point shooting -- something Thunder Dan was incredible at.

Of all his accomplishments, though, the most memorable to those who have had their brains permanently smoothed by sports blogs came at an Arizona Diamondbacks game in 2012. Gerardo Parra's blast to deep right-center hopped over the fence, only to be grabbed by Majerle, holding a plate of food with his other hand.

That would have been interesting enough. But Majerle's choice to look around like someone who was short-circuiting turned the whole thing into absurdist theater. I forget my kids' middle names routinely, yet will never forget the way he looked around and how it seemed to go on for minutes.

Also, not for nothing, but at the beginning of this clip you can see the D-Backs were teasing an upcoming J.J. Putz bobblehead night. Things were just simpler back then.