Dan Le Batard Wants to Go Viral as Cat in the Hat

Ryan Glasspiegel
Dan Le Batard as Cat in the Hat
Dan Le Batard as Cat in the Hat /

Dan Le Batard is dressed as the Cat in the Hat today, and you don't go through that face-painting process and look like that on a day that's not Halloween if you're not trying to go viral.

Transparent about this, Le Batard got indignant essentially about the fact that nobody but Bill Belichick knows anything when it comes to evaluating quarterbacks. John Elway kept shuffling the position over and over, failing every time since landing Peyton Manning, before Drew Lock looks like the answer. But then again, he might not be the answer because once teams get film on these guys the equation changes and there are all sorts of counter-adaptations.

This eventually spilled into the acknowledgement that probably almost none of this is a science, and he was getting worked up at least partially for the purposes of virality. Who are we to deny him his wishes?