Dan Le Batard: Want a Job at ESPN? Be a Conservative.

By Kyle Koster
ESPN The Party - Inside
ESPN The Party - Inside / Mike Windle/Getty Images

Dan Le Batard had an interesting, brief segment on his radio show today. He said that he’s often asked by people, including some in lucrative professions like doctors and lawyers, how to get a job talking about sports at ESPN.

“You know the best way in this industry to climb right now?” Dan asked. “Being the thing that you think ESPN won’t hire.”

He continued: “My advice right now would be – be the conservative sportswriter. ESPN needs more of those. Be the conservative — Will Cain — ESPN will be more likely to hire this person that you believe is not welcome at ESPN specifically because you believe that ESPN doesn’t have enough of them.”

At the end, his co-host Stugotz quipped, “You can go that route or you can just ride Dan’s coattails.”

Le Batard is as plugged in of a talent as there is at ESPN with regard to the direction the company will go, but with the current leadership there’s also probably a roving line that Will Cain is savvy enough to straddle and not cross.

Based on what Dan is saying, we should be on the lookout for ESPN to hire some young conservative voices in the next year.

Your thoughts?