Dan Le Batard Show Moving Off 790 The Ticket, Local Hour Radio Good-Bye Is Monday

Ryan Phillips

Dan Le Batard’s radio show will no longer be on 790 The Ticket in Miami. In a huge shakeup for the market on Friday, Entercom made some major changes that will impact both of its sports stations in Miami and Le Batard’s show.

Le Batard will be switching from his long-time home at 790 to WQAM 560, as Entercom attempts to make 560 more of a national station, while shifting 790 The Ticket to more of a local one.

Le Batard and company will do the local hour of their show on Monday as a goodbye to their long-time audience:

The local hour of Le Batard’s show will no longer air on radio but will be available in some form. We’re assuming it will either be a separate podcast or attached to the show’s daily podcast. Mike Ryan, the show’s producer, told the Miami Herald that listeners will learn on Monday where they can find the local hour moving forward.

Le Batard’s show will now air from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. ET on WQAM 560. Obviously it will air on the station’s website as well.

While the move shouldn’t impact Le Batard’s national audience it has to be emotional for him and his team. After all, he’s been on 790 The Ticket for 15 years.