Dan Le Batard Rips Trump and 'Send Her Back' Chants


Dan Le Batard clearly wasn’t happy on Thursday. The ESPN radio host took to the airwaves and had several targets in mind after the crowd at Donald Trump’s rally Wednesday night chanted “send her back” in reference to congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

Le Batard had plenty of thoughts ready on Thursday, as he took aim at Trump, his crowd, ESPN’s “no-politics” policy and anyone who is remaining silent in the face of those racist chants.

He opened a segment about it reading the following tweet from Nick Wright:

Here’s how Le Batard responded:

ESPN will probably not be happy that Le Batard weighed in so heavily on this issue. Since Jemele Hill caught the company’s ire by going after Trump, ESPN has had a strict “no-politics” policy, unless it is distinctly sports-related.

Le Batard didn’t seem to care. Given that his parents were Cuban exiles, it’s not surprising he’d have pretty strong feelings on this issue.

Just for reference, Omar is an American citizen who was born in Somalia and arrived here with her family seeking asylum in 1992. She became a citizen in 2000 at the age of 17.