Dan Le Batard Remains at ESPN After Positive Meeting With Jimmy Pitaro


Dan Le Batard and Jimmy Pitaro met in New York today to discuss the controversy that we’ve discussed ad nauseum over the past week. At least for the time being, the saga appears to be complete. A source tells The Big Lead the meeting went well, and that Le Batard will return to Highly Questionable on Friday and his radio show on Monday.

This detente is a good thing at least in the near term for fans of Le Batard’s content. Nonetheless, it’s pretty apparent that there will be more times as we approach the 2020 election where Donald Trump is in the news for issues that weigh heavily on people’s emotions regarding race and/or nationality. We can argue until we’re all blue in the face about whether that topic meets the definition of politics or not, but ESPN does not want its talents discussing the matter on their airwaves or off.

Le Batard, in the long run, will have to evaluate whether and to what extent he can abide by that. Now, will the elephants in the room be addressed next week?