Dan Le Batard, Katie Nolan Compare Michael Jordan-Horace Grant Feud to a Real Housewives Fight

Bomani Jones, Dan Le Batard and Katie Nolan on "Highly Questionable"
Bomani Jones, Dan Le Batard and Katie Nolan on "Highly Questionable" /

The ongoing war between Michael Jordan and Horace Grant has shaken fans of the NBA from the 1990s. Two long-time teammates who won three NBA titles together apparently really don't like each other and have been sniping at each other through the media. On Highly Questionable, Dan Le Batard and Katie Nolan likened feud to something you would see on The Real Housewives.

So far in this feud, Jordan has accused Grant of being the locker room source for the behind-the-scenes drama from the book The Jordan Rules, and on Tuesday, Grant called Jordan "a snitch" in response to the allegation. Grant denies ever being a source for the book. Now he has told Jordan they can talk their differences out like men or settle it some other way. We all understand that implication.

The HQ panel seemed to agree this whole feud is embarrassing. Check it out:

Le Batard is right, the fact that Jordan is 57 and Grant is 54 makes this all even more ridiculous. No one wants to see two guys in their 50s fight (I'm looking at you Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield). At this point in their lives this whole thing is ridiculous.