Dan Le Batard and Co. Prank Katie Nolan With Fake Julian Edelman Trade

Liam McKeone
'Highly Questionable'
'Highly Questionable' /

It is April Fools' Day, but you'd be forgiven if you weren't in the pranking mood. From my end, I have laughed at only three things today, only one of which was prank-related: Ina Garten's blackout cocktail recipe she posted before many had their breakfast, imagining Edward Norton as Joe Exotic, and Katie Nolan freaking out because she thought Julian Edelman got traded on today's edition of Highly Quarantined.

As a fellow New England native who went through similar stages of grief after Tom Brady left, I felt her initial curse-laden reaction in my bones. It's the only piece of football news that would make our sad state of affairs in Foxborough even worse outside of Bill Belichick deciding to retire out of the blue, and I'm nervous even typing that sentence out in fear of digitally speaking it into existence. Pity, we shall not find, but it's been an emotional month for us Patriots fans.

A cruel joke to play on Nolan, but a good laugh for us all. Highly Quarantined keeping us entertained as always.