Dan Le Batard Got Emotional in Final Local Hour on 790 the Ticket

Ryan Glasspiegel

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz is moving in Miami from their home of 15 years at 790 the Ticket to 560 The Joe. With the move, the local radio hour before the national show will no longer be on terrestrial radio


As show contributor Greg Cote wrote in the Miami Herald, Le Batard said that the show was getting “evicted,” and not moving by choice. He also said that the abruptness of Entercom’s decision (the company owns both frequencies) left him feeling “a combination of stunned and sad and wounded and blindsided and disrespected.” Towards the end of the monologue, he got choked up.

Le Batard also joked — with an element of seriousness — that “The Joe” is the worst name of a radio station he’s ever heard.

Nonetheless, the prevailing tone of the show for the past 30-plus minutes has not been one of ripping the Entercom suits, but more gratitude for the listening audience that has propelled the show’s run to national prominence and also for the bosses who allowed the local hour to find its wings without as much input from Le Batard and co-host Jon ‘Stugotz’ Weiner over the past year.

Producer Mike Ryan said that the local hour will continue, but for the time being will be in podcast form. He said that they will try to get it up for 8:30 am ET in time for listeners’ work commutes, and will also hope to figure out a way they can still have caller interaction for a live feel despite the fact that it will not air live.

I discussed a lot of the origins of 790 the Ticket on my podcast with Stugotz last August: