Dan Le Batard: ESPN Deserves the Criticism for Not Getting to Brett McMurphy's Story Fast Enough

Ryan Glasspiegel

It took ESPN several hours to address the bombshell story from their former reporter, Brett McMurphy, about Zach Smith, Urban Meyer, and Ohio StateDan Le Batard addressed this today, noting that while he was proud of how the network responded last night, ESPN deserves the criticism — which you can read about on Medium Happy and Awful Announcing — for taking too long to address it:

Le Batard also credited Stugotz with being the first person anywhere on-air at ESPN to sense that Urban Meyer could be in real trouble over the story.

I was also asked about this on CLTV’s SportsFeed, a show on the WGN affiliate in Chicago hosted by Jarrett Payton and Josh Frydman, and my answer trying to figure out what took ESPN so long was shortly after the 7-minute mark: