Dan Le Batard Responds to Clay Travis Celebrating the End of 'High Noon,' Tells Personal John Skipper Story

Ryan Phillips
Dan Le Batard
Dan Le Batard / Jason Koerner/Getty Images

Clay Travis took what could be construed as a victory lap on Monday night after ESPN confirmed High Noon's days were numbered.

Dan Le Batard responded to the light grave-dancing and lamented the news during the second hour of his show on Tuesday. He called the cancellation a "victory for dumb people" then launched into a story about former ESPN president John Skipper. It was clearly a deeply-personal story and it ended with Travis posting an out-of-context picture of Le Batard and his former boss.

You can listen to the entire hour here, but the key section is below:

"It's totally unfair but it's what this dude traffics in," Le Batard said. "He's a lawyer. He's an otherwise smart person. Maybe he's smart for just doing this for profit but I really do question the sincerity. He's carved his own lane, but it's a hateful lane. It's a divisive lane. It's a profitable lane for him, but he's the one whose got to wake up in the morning and look in the mirror."