Dan Dakich Ripped John Calipari During Broadcast

Dan Dakich, Georgia Tech v Syracuse
Dan Dakich, Georgia Tech v Syracuse / Rich Barnes/Getty Images

Dan Dakich rarely holds back his feelings towards players or coaches he doesn't like. On Friday, during ESPN's broadcast of West Virginia's game against Western Kentucky, Dakich went off on Kentucky head coach John Calipari for complaining about his team's schedule.

Earlier this week, Calipari claimed he did his team a disservice by loading up the schedule with a bunch of tough games. He made a point of blaming himself for putting his young players in the position to face a number of good teams early in the year. Dakich said Calipari, "Always makes it about him" instead of his players.

Check it out:

I love how Dakich subtly threw Urban Meyer under the bus for also not liking Calipari. I'm sure Meyer will be thrilled he's been thrown into this mix.

Dakich's central point is fine, college athletics should be all about the players. There are plenty of coaches out there who preen and steal the spotlight from the real stars of the game. I'm not sure Calipari was attempting to do that in this case, but it has certainly felt like he's done it before.

The final part of his comment was 100 percent correct. As he was essentially telling Calipari to shut up, Dakich said, "You're Kentucky. Play people. Who cares?" Can't argue with that. The Wildcats have a river of five-star prospects flowing into the program yearly. They should be able to face anybody on any night and not have to worry about it.

Calipari's fretting about the schedule seems to be a yearly thing when it really should be.