Dan Crenshaw Wants Gwen Berry and Other Olympic Activist Athletes Canceled

Stephen Douglas
Gwen Berry
Gwen Berry / Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Dan Crenshaw appeared on FOX & Friends this morning. He was asked about Gwen Berry, the US Olympian who turned her back to the American flag during the National Anthem at the US Track and Field trials over the weekend. Crenshaw wants Berry removed from the team.

"We don't need anymore activist athletes. You know, she should be removed from the team."

That's a bold statement, and a spicy sports take from someone who apparently wants politics out of sports. Some people might think this sounds a lot like cancel culture, which Crenshaw has often said he would like to cancel.

Crenshaw also added this shot at the NBA, whose ratings are up actually up this year.

"It's one thing when these NBA players do it. We'll just stop watching."

Good luck with what I assume will become a boycott of the, uh, hammer throw event by upset Americans.