Dan Campbell's Coffee Routine Is Ridiculous

Ryan Phillips
Detroit Lions Training Camp
Detroit Lions Training Camp / Leon Halip/Getty Images

Dan Campbell is an intense guy, that is not in dispute. But it turns out the Detroit Lions head coach may be getting a little help from a performance-enhancer. On Wednesday, Campbell spelled out his daily coffee routine and it's downright nuts.

Campbell claims that his usual routine involves a trip to Starbucks to get two ventis of the Pike Place Roast variety, then adds two shots of espresso to each. That's 40 ounces of what is essentially jet fuel.

Here's video of Campbell discussing it:

No human should have that much caffeine in rapid succession. Hell, there are elephants that would have trouble handling that intake. Maybe a large human like Campbell could handle that over a 24-hour period but even that seems like too much. Never mind the fact that Starbucks coffee tastes like battery acid.

This season is going to be really interesting for the Lions. They have a young, wildly inexperienced head coach all hopped up on liquid speed

Should be fun.