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Dan Campbell on the Lions: 'There's No Turds Here.'

Stephen Douglas
Dan Campbell at Detroit Lions Training Camp
Dan Campbell at Detroit Lions Training Camp / Leon Halip/Getty Images

Dan Campbell is the best thing to happen to the Detroit Lions, the NFL and the Internet since that cat learned how to play the keyboard. Every day he seems to do or say something that is just wonderful upworthy content. Today we have him complimenting former Lions coach Matt Patricia and GM Bob Quinn by saying he inherited no turds on the roster when he showed up. Via MLive:

“I think we’re fortunate because I do believe we have some talented players on this team that have grit, and that’s a good thing, you know?” Campbell said. “I said this when I walked in -- there’s a number of guys that were here, and I think (Matt) Patricia and (Bob) Quinn did a great job of, there’s no turds here. There’s no bad guys. These guys work now. We don’t have lazy (guys). We don’t have those (lazy) guys, and that’s a good thing.

The Dude does not abide a turd. Please, just let Campbell work out in Detroit because his honesty, sense of humor and enthusiasm for football is extremely refreshing. Let's hope the pressure of the job doesn't get to him because that would be like ruining a bowl of punch with whatever colloquially ruins that kind of thing.