Dan Campbell Giving 110 Percent at Training Camp

Kyle Koster
Detroit Lions Training Camp
Detroit Lions Training Camp / Nic Antaya/GettyImages

Dan Campbell marches to the beat of his own drum and that drum is perpetually being bombarded by the most aggressive heavy metal percussionist in the region. He’s no stranger to putting his hand in the dirt and participating in drills alongside his players who, like the rest of us downtrodden Detroit Lions fans, are hoping that the exact thing to save the franchise is an overdose of blue-collar work ethic. When the sort-term plan relies on riding Jared Goff, anything else is worth trying. So here’s Campbell up to his own tricks at practice today, doing up-downs with the intensity of a man whose blood is 89 percent caffeine at this hour of the day. 

Tremendous. Let no hater tell you this guy is trying too hard. Because trying hard and giving a damn is actually something that’s been in short-supply ever since the great Wayne Fontes escaped punishment coaching the Honolulu blue and silver. 

At this point I’d rather see Campbell be a player-coach than to chill out one iota. He’s firmly committed to the idea that the best way to get players who will run through a brick wall is to be the first person to do it himself.