Damien Woody Is Sick of Baker Mayfield

Kyle Koster
Cleveland Browns v New England Patriots
Cleveland Browns v New England Patriots / Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

Baker Mayfield remains a hot topic because the much ballyhooed Cleveland Browns are very bad and he continues to live his truth out loud. His most recent dustup came opposite a reporter who asked a foolish question.

Mayfield isn't for everyone. The things he does rub people the wrong way.

One of those fed up with the whole Baker Experience is Damien Woody. The ESPN pundit expressed his frustration this morning on Get Up.

Tough call here. On one hand, honestly is the best and only policy. On the other, Thumper's mother had a point when she said it's better to be silent than say something mean.

I think I speak for all of us in saying it's going to be fun to see the Browns quarterback grate those with microphones for a decade to come. Because, hey, it's tough to imagine he back-and-forth ever subsides.